One-act ballet to Antonio Vivaldi’s music Based on the play of the same name by Thornton Wilder

The libretto, choreography and direction – Radu Poklitaru

Scenography  (stage design)– Andrey Zlobin

Costume designer – Dmitriy Kuriata

Video projecting – Maria Pustovalova

The Long Christmas Dinner is a ballet-contemplation about the fugacious life, filled with futile and useless actions which rob us of the precious moments, hours and years of our earthly existence. The story focuses on the ninety years in the life of the Bayard family, the years fleeting as a chain of Christmas dinners. The fates of the people are passing in a number of feasts and banquets. Like ephemeron butterflies, they dissolve in some non-existence leaving nothing to be remembered by in the future. Vigorous, grotesque choreography finds its easy way to each spectator’s heart without any dogmatic moralizing and may start the audience thinking if they are any different from the characters on the stage.

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