One-act ballet to J.S. Bach’s music

Concept, choreography and production – Radu Poklitaru

Costume designer – Dmitriy Kuriata

The ballet “Women in D-minor” is permeated with the admiration of J.S.Bach’s genius. It is Bach’s polyphony that was the source of the choreographer’s inspiration: “The whole plastic texture of the ballet is entirely polyphonic. The tragic story of a non-existent women’s friendship is but a pretext for the unfolding of sophisticated multi-figural compositions and poignant duets”, says Radu Poklitaru. The final part of the ballet, owing to the combination of Bach’s cosmic music and modern expressive plastique, can be compared in its scale to a Biblical tragedy. The costume designer Dmitriy Kuriata succeeded in solving the choreographer’s task set before him – he managed to reproduce the atmosphere of the age of Bach. According to the story, there are 16 main heroines in the ballet – all the women’s parts are performed by men.

                                                       The ballet was first performed on June 18 and 19, 2014

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