Ballet in two series on music of Georges Bizet

Choreography and stage direction – Radu Poklitaru

Scenery design – Andrey Zlobin, Ukraine’s Honoured Art Worker

Costume Designer – Anna Ipatyeva

Assistant Choreographer–– Anatoliy Kozlov, Ukraine’s Honoured Artist

Lighting designer – Elena Antokhina

Sound producer – Alexander Kuriy

 “Carmen.TV” is the first production of the  «KYIV MODERN-BALLET» Theatre. Why, actually, Carmen?  The history of the European theatre does not know  many mythologemes as popular as this one. Mérimée, who wrote the short novel about a Seville gypsy, could hardly ever realize that in the 21st century there would be a human being in the whole Western cultural world, who has never heard of Carmen. Georges Bizet in his immortal opera tremendously romanticized her image – Mérimée’s gypsy is in fact a lot simpler and more prosaic.

Besides the tough story by Prosper Mérimée, Georges Bizet’s music made the basis of our production. One of the leading characters of the ballet is Michaela, who lost the status of Jose’s fiancée, but who became the moving force of the stage action. Her presence on the stage gives the explanation for the two letters “TV” in the title of the play and its format – the two-episode ballet. The words I have put into Michaela’s mouth are the only fragment I found appropriate to fit in the leaflet of the play: “When there is nobody beside, love overwhelms me and makes me see, desire, and kill the non-existing characters of the never-filmed movies. The screen flicker talks to me in the language of passion. Am I lonely?… No!”

Radu Poklitaru

The generally known story of the Gypsy girl, the heroine of Prosper Mérimée’s short novel, has found a new and unexpected interpretation in this ballet.

The innovation choreography of Radu Poklitaru filled the stage existence of the characters with poignant intonations of today, preserving, at the same time, the charming atmosphere of the XIX century Spain, while the great music of the opera “Carmen” helped create an absolutely new production, with the spirit of Georges Bizet never violated.

The scenery and costumes designed by the renowned theatrical artists Andrey Zlobin and Anna Ipatyeva fill the stage space with the vibrating rhythms of the XXI century interwoven into the atmosphere of old Spain.

“Carmen.TV” is the first production of the “KYIV MODERN-BALLET” company, which marked their debut in the autumn of 2006. In March 2007 the production was honored with  the “Kyiv Pectoral” prize in two nominations: “the best production of the year” and “the best work of the choreographer” (Radu Poklitaru)

The ballet “Carmen.TV” was presented on tours in a number of cities and towns of Ukraine, as well as in Rumania, Moldova, Russia, Belorussia and the Netherlands.

Premiere: October 25, 2006

Original name: Кармен.TV

Performance has one interval


Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes